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  • 山東明福紡織貿易有限公司





    山東明福紡織貿易有限公司  版權所有


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    山東明福紡織貿易有限公司坐落在素有“人間仙境”美稱的海濱旅游城市—蓬萊,始建于1979年,現注冊資本2800萬元,員工1200人,其中技術人員30多人,占地約 8.5萬平方米,建筑面積4.7萬平方米。多年來,公司在董事長、總經理王毅先生的帶領下,秉承“勤奮開拓,誠信為本”的企業精神,堅持“為客戶著想,對客戶負責,讓客戶滿意”的服務宗旨,艱苦創業,努力進取,公司規模不斷擴大,綜合實力顯著增強?,F擁有山東明福制衣有限公司、山東明福紡織貿易有限公司、山東福源貿易有限公司、蓬萊市恒源染業有限公司、山東明福投資管理咨詢有限公司,五家獨立的經濟實體,由創建初期單一的絞紗染色發展到由紡紗到羊毛衫成衣直接出口的現代綜合性民營企業,連續多年被授予蓬萊市十佳民營企業稱號。

    Founded in 1979, Shandong Mingfu Group ,  with a history of nearly  40 years, has a registered capital of 35 million RMB and more than 1200 employees, including more than 50 technicians. Covers an area of about 85,000 square meters, with a construction area of 47,000 square meters. With around 40 years manufacturing and exporting experience, Mingfu Group gained recognitions of many customers all over the world.

    Mingfu Group business covers 3 parts.

    Supplier of Plastic woven products.

    • has own warehouse for buyer's onsite inspection, repacking for products according to customers special requirements, accomodate goods to reduce customer's inventory pressure.
    • Can do LCL service to meet customer's demand for different products, can achieve one-stop purchasing, aim to save time, save money, save effort for customers.
    • Has about 40 years trade experience, export to Southeast Asia, South America, North America, Japan, South Korea and etc, know different areas markert well and can help customers to be competitive in local markets.

    Manufacturer of color yarn

    • Has over 100 machines, products include acrylic, cotton and linen, polyamide, polyester, viscose and all kinds of blended yarn.
    • Capacity per year is up to 20000tons.

    Manufacturer of sweaters

    • Has190 machines, include 100pcs full-automatic computerized flat knitting machine, 60pcs sewing machine, 30 steam-pressing table.Covers 3.5-12 needles type.
    • Capacity is up to 4.5 million pcs per year.
    • Has proffessional design team, can develop different styles according to world fashion trend.


    Mingfu Group welcome friends from all over the wold to achive common development and prosperous future.